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Here I share my Impressions from the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) I am Hiking now. A long Journey from the Mexican to the Canadian Border over 2600 Miles along the Westcoast of the USA. I prefer to share my Pictures rather than to write down a lot. Therefore enjoy my Galleries!


The first Sektion took me through the Desert Hills from Southern California und was very impressive, especially when you have never been in such an dry environment before. The wide Landscape with the clear Air gave fantastic Views down into the Valleys and our Trail was often joined by beautiful Flowers. Because of the early Start (May, 20) there were almost perfect Hiker Conditions. Most of the Time it was not too hot and there were still enough Watersources on the Trail available, so we had not to carry so much weight. Although the first weeks were a Challenge for the Body, every Day new pains, you could choose in the Morning between, Feet, Leg, Back, Shoulder or Neckpain, the Support and Kindness of the American People along the Trail helped a lot to stay fine and encouraged. Animals were rather rare at daytime, some wonderful Birds, like the Bluebirds, Snakes and Lizzards, and little Rabbits Crossed the Path.



Starting at Kennedy Medows after about 7 weeks the Landscape changed over to real high Mountains with snow and ice, the High Sierra. A Mekka for every Photographer espechially when you like b&w Photography. We choined now the famous Spots from Ansel Adams, at the John Muir Trail. The Contrast of the Granitrocks to the still left snow was fantastic. We Climbed up Mount Whitney (4424m) the Highest Point in the States with an Majestic view around. So it will take me another two weeks to cross over before the next Sektion comes up.