Last miles alone and trail magic

My last Hikingdays alone on the trail. Somehow a first farewell to the PCT. Got 1850 miles to Crater Lake in Oregon in four months. This is a little less than originally planned, the High Sierra and a few unforeseen ones. But every mile was an enrichment, and it's hard to describe in brief words the overwhelming experiences.


There is a saying on the trail that summarizes this adventure most aptly: The Trail provides. This has started that other hikers helped me to resupply and buying a lens online at the hostel in San Diego, continued as a trailangel brought my Powerbank over 20 miles back and the grand finale took place yesterday evening when the waitress in the restaurant gave me a 450 Miles Hitch to Portland, where I pick up Martina at the airport. An almost incredible story.

Photos of these days can be found in the folder Northern California.